What Is the Best Telescope to Buy?

Best Telescope to buy

It is not an easy question to answer, nobody can say what the best telescope is, and much less that one brand or type of telescope is superior to another.

Likewise, a telescope for children is not the same as one for beginners or one more advanced. To clear your doubts, you must first answer: What do you want to observe? Where will you use it? How much money do you have to buy a telescope?

However, we can tell you which the best-selling telescopes are, it does not mean they are the best telescopes for sale, but it gives you an idea of the trends for astronomical and terrestrial observation.

Where can I Buy a Telescope?

It is quite common the question “where to buy a telescope?” Actually, you have many options, for example, in almost all cities there are many telescope stores. However, our recommendation is that you buy your instruments online.

On the Internet, there are many prestigious stores, but for their confidence and wide variety, we recommend buying them at Amazon, but not before reviewing our categories, which are classified for your comfort and easy choice.

Wherever you decide to buy telescopes for sale, you must first keep in mind the use you will give them and then use the buying guides that we offer.

What will you get when you buy a good telescope?

In general, you can find good telescopes for sale, whose main criteria is that at least their use and portability are acceptable and when you are ready to make observations you obtain a good sharpness and reach with distant objects.

Likewise, any model you buy should allow you to observe terrestrial and astronomical objects with good sharpness and approach.

So, when we buy a telescope and obtain all the desired capacities from it, we can say that its cost was fair in relation to cost/quality.

You can also buy cheap telescopes that provide acceptable results for a variety of uses, from terrestrial observation to astronomical observation, where we also consider that it will serve as an element of union to share with our loved ones and possibly give us the possibility to expand our Circle of friends with people interested in this topic.

Currently, this type of instrument is very common for amateur users, since it allows you to be updated with astronomy trends, as well as to take images (astrophotography) from our outer space.

As for brands and manufacturers of telescopes, we have ample room to maneuver to choose your right telescope. But do not worry or think too much, we have placed the best! so we invite you to see our catalog.

Telescope Price: 100-2000$

The telescope price range is very variable, everything depends on its quality, manufacturer’s brand, power, construction technology, the launch year of the model and other necessary and/or additional equipment for its operation.

Among the cheapest, and that generally offer a fairly poor image quality, can be around $150. Obviously, there are some exceptions, which offer quite acceptable features, such as those shown in our cheap telescopes guide. On the other hand, the price of a professional telescope can reach $2,000 or more, but they offer exceptional image quality.

In Telescopes for Sale .Net we recommend that you do not buy below $300, so that in all your observations you can detail the thousands of objects in our outer space and land. Therefore invest enough to achieve it.

Telescope Brands

The sale of telescopes from a few decades ago, has gone from being a premium market to a very popular one; due to a greater presence of telescope manufacturers.

When there are more manufacturers, there is greater competition, which has as a consequence the search to reduce the costs of manufacturing and subsequent sale, as well as the development of new technologies for customers.

In the purchase process, you should consider many factors such as the best telescope brands, in order to have a quality product and excellent technical support in case of any doubt or eventuality.

Therefore, you have entered the ideal site to know the top telescope brands. It only remains to name them alphabetically and a brief description of them so that you draw conclusions:

  • Alstar: a China brand that manufactures low-end products and acceptable quality.
  • Bluestar: it is the most economical brand of the manufacturer Synta Technology Corporation, of Taiwan, its quality is acceptable.
  • Celestron: powerful North American brand affiliated with Synta since May 2008. Its refractor and Newton models are now manufactured by Synta (formerly by Vixen). They were the ones who introduced the Schmidt-Cassegrain models and they are still the best for that category. It is highly preferred by many astronomers since the quality of its products is very high.
  • Konus: Italian firm that distributes products made in China, are low and medium range. They are acceptable in relation to the price but some models may disappoint.
  • Meade: American brand that was purchased by Ningbo Sunny Electronic Co Ltd, from Taiwan, since September 2013. Its best models are the computerized Schmidt-Cassegrain. In, general, its good quality.
  • Omegon: German company, their models are of quality and their prices are truly accessible.
    Orion: American company bought by Synta in 2005, its products are good but not excellent.
    Sky Watcher: manufacturer brand Synta, offers good mid-range equipment.
  • Synta: their prices are low for both refractor telescopes and mid-aperture reflectors. Its quality is surprisingly good although there are sometimes exceptions.
  • Vixen: is a Japanese company that offers telescopes of small and medium aperture with excellent quality, although their prices are quite high.

Take care of your Telescope

Telescopes are an exceptional tool both for our free time and for professional astronomers, but they are electronic items that are also fragile because they have glass pieces. For this reason, it is advisable to keep it in cool and clear places.

Once you have finished using it, do not forget to store it in its storage case. At the same time, it keeps the device clean, free of dust and moisture.

So that they do not split or fog their lenses, avoid at all costs to receive blows, falls or to get wet with the rain for long periods.

Do not forget that it is an important investment that you made to buy it, so it takes all the necessary measures in its conservation.

Telescope buying guide for different activities and capacities

Depending on your age, knowledge, budget, and preferences there are different telescopes for which they are required, once you identify all these points we invite you to read the respective article.

Telescope for Kids

The task of buying the best telescope for kids is quite complex, surely you are looking to not spend more than $200 on the Top telescopes, so choose wisely to give the ideal for children and teenagers.
If you are looking for the best children’s telescopes then I recommend that you read the following guide that we prepared in this regard.

Telescope for Beginners

Generally, you have many doubts when looking to start astronomical and/or terrestrial observation, what are my options? What are the prices? What characteristics should it have? That’s why we have prepared a complete guide for you to select the best telescope for beginners.

Computerized Telescope

If you want to make your observations in a simple way, there is nothing better than a GoTo Telescope, just by indicating the celestial coordinates or by directly selecting in a database you will be pointing to the objects that interest you. I recommend the following article where we talk about the best computerized telescopes.

Cheap Telescope

It’s possible to have a telescope that allows you to observe celestial objects without feeling disappointed by their performance. Well, in Telescopes for Sale. Net we have already identified that good and cheap telescope that makes you feel like you are traveling by the stars, you are just a click away to find out.

Astronomical Telescope

One of the most fascinating experiences we can experience is to closely observe the moon, the sun, the planets, and galaxies, so choosing a good astronomical telescope is the one you should buy. But first review our guide, where we will address a series of tips and the products best-valued products by users.

Spotting Scope

A spotting scope is a great tool to observe that wonderful landscape or exotic animal, although you can achieve it with binoculars, a terrestrial telescope expands your possibilities to distinguish a greater number of species and terrestrial objects.

These telescopes are very versatile because their construction is light and they have a magnificent approach force, offering spectacular optics. Do you want to know what the best spotting scopes are?

Refractor Telescope

Do you want to see the Moon and the planets of the Solar system? and also avoid future expenses in restoration or maintenance? Well, a refracting telescope is your best choice. Check our guide of the best available refractors and start to enjoy the exploration of stellar objects.

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