About Us

Hey! My name is Lee Bellon, and I created this website to help you find the perfect telescope for your stargazing needs, and get tips from other observers on having the most fun with your telescope.

I love Astronomy, and especially enjoy Astrophotography! I like making websites, too, and the combination led me to the creation of this site.

Here’s what happened:

I went searching online for info on telescopes, and realized that with hours and hours of research, the only “advice” found came from professional astronomers and avid stargazers. I suppose this is the case with many things online, but with telescopes there are very few helpful reviews and tips for the beginner or casual astronomer.

Because of this, too many people get scared away by the technical lingo the pros use and end up buying low-quality telescopes from department stores or toy catalogs, only to use them once or twice because they don’t work.

I don’t want this to happen to you, because stargazing is an amazing, stress-relieving, fulfilling hobby that lasts a lifetime, and that should not be wasted due to being overwhelmed. There are plenty of excellent telescopes out there that will last for decades and are perfect for the casual observer, and the reviews on this site will help you find the best one(s) for you.

I do my best to provide beginners with all the help they need, while still accommodating the intermediate/professional observers in my reviews. Rather than long lists of technical features, you will find a complete breakdown of each telescope, practical benefits, best uses, insightful suggestions, similar model recommendations, and useful tips to get the most out of your purchase.

I hope it helps you find what you’re looking for. So what are you waiting for? Go check out some reviews!

Have fun stargazing!